Ashley Youmans Aka Governor Spitzer Hooker What Would You Do

Ashley Youmans Aka Governor Spitzer Hooker What Would You Do Image
Everyone here in the US has heard about the resignation of New York state Governor Splitzer. We'll you usually have a fat intern at the other end of a scandal.

Give props to Spitzer for at least choosing a beautiful call girl. I've always wondered what the hell Hugh Grant was thinking. Apparently this girl Ashley Youmans currently lives in a posh New York City apartment and is trying to get her music career off the ground.

BTW, if you went to high school with Ashley Youmans then you should check out the new Facebook group. I love the internet. It's like shame virus central, equally as satisfying is her online dating profile (which could be a fake) that says "I do very bad things, and I do them very well.". Awesome. Shout out to Bobby Rio - this girls dirty and from New Jersey!


She certainly grew into herself:

This girl is a knockout. Easy 8.5. It appears like she's got more going on than just being a high class call girl.


How would you pick up a girl like this without using Spitzer money? Obviously she sees men as a prostitute, something which you would not be aware of. She would probably have money and might even associate a negative feeling with men with power, money and probably wouldn't get overly jealous if you ever used jealous plot lines or social value tactics.

On the flip side, perhaps she is sexually drawn to that. Hence, killing to birds with one stone. Maybe she craves the feeling of security that comes from being a call girl for men with money and power. THOSE ARE JUST SOME OF MY THOUGHTS, BUT I'D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW ABOUT HOW YOU WOULD SEDUCE A WOMAN THAT SEDUCES MEN.

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