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Put every seduction guru in the context of his lifestyle, his target demographic, and the way he looks and everything will begin to make sense.

For example, anti-game gamers -- those that espouse developing the kind of internal charisma that acts as a magnet for women (minimizing the degree to which you will have to pander to her in your approach) -- are usually really hot. (I'm thinking of one person in the peripheral sphere whose picture I stumbled upon!) Guys that practise some degree of asshole game successfully are also usually reasonably attractive. Think of this in regards to Tucker Max.

An ugly guy approaching a girl at a bar could not get forgiven for being a full-blown dick the way a hot guy could. In the same way that hot men in general will generate more sympathy and oversight for their flaws from most women, at least initially.

A lot of newcomers to seduction make the mistake of adopting a seduction technique that is totally out of left field for their own idiosyncratic persona and then complain that game is ineffectual. Game isn't some uniformly effective homogeneous realm; it's simply a tool to optimize the results of what exactly you're working with. It's not a crutch for developing social skills or being an interesting person.

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Thundercat - Seduction Lair

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