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Pickup artists in the community have been trying to master the art of getting women by learning through a vartiety of sources: ebooks, DVDs, bootcamps, phone and one-on-one consulting services.

What if you could actually live with a world famous pickup artist, that has had proven results?

Crazy thought. Well, I got an email from Gambler. He's a good friend, he lives near Leicester Square in London. He runs a pimp pad with a bunch of other pick up artists and some might call it the Secret London Lair. Gambler apparently didn't learn about the community till after alittle while through him searching for answers to his dating problems. You can read all about Gambler's interview about his journey from chump to chick magnet, and how he set up one of the worlds largest PUA Training companies. Fascinating stuff, and gives hope to a lot of guys out there.

Anyways, Gambler is now offering Residential Courses to approved candidates. I actually had a friend who took the residential course whom I met a Doctor Paul seminar in Chicago in March. He then flew to London and took the residential course. He was from Brazil, and emailed me about how much his game improved. Gambler told me he brought back two women on both nights - to confirm!

Some of the features:

-$1.5m apartment in W1, 2 minutes walk from the absolute center of London.

-Double bedroom with en-suite to bring girls back to

-Living with Gambler

-Access to VIP parties at London's top venues

-8 Trainers, wing girls, female trainers

-75 hours total.

So that's the details. I know from personal experience that its often hard to feel the vibe of getting women from just reading a book or watching a DVD. That's why boot camps are so useful in accelerating your learning curve.

Read more about it over on Gambler's website where he outlines SPECIFICALLY what you'll do, and how you'll do it.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Juggler - How To Be A Pickup Artist A Practical Guide
Juggler - How To Be A Pickup Artist

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