Chris Brown Apologizes For Beating Rihanna

Chris Brown Apologizes For Beating Rihanna Image
Chris Brown has finally come forward and apologized publicly for giving Rihanna a beat down. Everyone is freaking out that the video looks rehearsed and he's reading off some kind of prompter. Okay, yeah, so what?

For those of you who spent the last year living under a rock, on February 8, 2009, Chris Brown was arrested for beating up pop singer Rihanna in his car. A week later, rumors abound that Rihanna had reconciled with Chris Brown and her fan base began to dwindle because of the message she was sending out to her young fans.

So Rihanna opted to walk away from Chris Brown and began being seen with a host of different men. Chris Brown, meanwhile, was doing his best to stay out of the public eye, even though he was spotted just a few short days later on a jet ski, partying it up.

I'm guessing his lawyers likely told him to stop acting like a kid who got caught with his hand in cookie jar and start acting like a man who regrets what he has done.

And then this. Chris Brown puts up a video to apologize to Rihanna and the world for what he did.

Will the public forgive him? Will his career bounce back? Will Chris Brown and Rihanna reunite and do the talk show circuit? Is Oprah seeing dollar signs?

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