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The first thing online singles are going to see when looking up possible matches is your profile picture. This is why you A) have to have one and B) it has to be the best photo you can take. The free dating site, OkCupid, did an analysis of over 7,000 of their members' pictures to figure out which ones were the most effective in generating matches. The truth they discovered may help you make a killer first impression with a picture that is bound to have singles across the web knocking at your online dating doorstep. Check out the following tips for men and women based on their results:

#1: EYE CONTACT. This has always been thought to be extremely important in exuding confidence and showing your interest in someone. But as it turns out, making eye contact with the camera works in your favor as well. Here's the lowdown on eye contact for the different sexes:

* LADIES: Studies show that women who look directly at the camera while smiling or using a flirty expression tend to get more online attention than others who use such expressions without eye contact (this can give off the vibe of a bad attitude).
* GUYS: The best pose for guys' pictures is zero smile, zero eye contact. The runner up is smiling without eye contact.

#2: FACE. There's no doubt about it, people like to see show yours off. The majority of online dating services (OkCupid included) will tell you that it is best to choose a profile picture that is a clear and up close shot. However, results of OkCupid's study show that whether or not you show your face doesn't have an impact on the amount of quality singles you reel in.

#3: CAMERA ANGLE. This may come as a surprise, but the classically cheesy "My-Space" shot that is achieved by holding a camera above your head or in front of a mirror and looking ever-so coy has actually proven quite effective in luring in singles. For both men and women, these pictures are more successful than they are average. If you're a woman, this is the best pose you can make.

#4: SHOWING SKIN. You may be the more conservative type but according to OkCupid's studies, a revealing pic can greatly help your efforts in getting off the market. You don't have to undress like a Playboy model-there are ways to be sexy without showing too much. If you're comfortable with this idea then go for it!

* LADIES: A picture where you are displaying a little bit of cleavage draws 12.9 new contacts per month, 49% more than average. Numbers show that older women tend to get fewer messages than younger ones. But if you're older and choose a photo that is more on the revealing side, you might be giving the 20-somethings a run for their money.
* GUYS: If you're a guy with a nice body, it is suggested that you take off your shirt rather than leave it on. If you decide to stay clothed, however, stick to your usual style and keep it on the casual side. Guys who get dressed up for a profile pic don't fare as well as those who dress as they normally would.

#5: SMILING. Everyone likes a great smile. It shows that you are friendly, happy and fun-loving. But even if you're the type who doesn't go anywhere without a smile plastered on your face, when it comes to your online dating pic, smiling might not always be the best way to go.

* LADIES: Overall, research suggests that smiling is better than not for women. But if you choose to go with a picture showcasing your best flirty face, this will also be well-received by online admirers.
* GUYS: For the men, if you have a profile picture of yourself looking away from the camera without a are golden because the ladies love this. Another great idea? Try smiling and not looking directly at the camera.

#6: CONTEXT. Many think that when you post a picture on your dating profile it should be of you alone in a serious position. Well if you don't want to go this route, the exciting news is that you can highlight how well-traveled, active and social you are in your pic and research shows that it won't reflect negatively in your quest for a cyber-relationship.

* LADIES: The most popular contexts are as follows...1) The "MySpace" self-picture 2) A picture taken in bed 3) An action shot that shows your outdoorsy/athletic side
* GUYS: It will be your best bet to go for one of these...1) A photo with an animal 2) A pic showing off your rippling muscles 3) A picture that shows you engaging in an interesting activity

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