Get Approached By Crazy Women With Paul Janka

Get Approached By Crazy Women With Paul Janka Image
Well, the girls over at are crazy over Paul Janka. They continue to bash and even falsely accuse Paul of attempted rape Psycho!


A while back, I signed up for creepy sexual compulsive/sexually aggressive dateaholic Paul Janka's e-mail list, which sends newsletters with tips on how to pick up hot chicks-or, more accurately, confused and lonely women. Now he's planning a dating seminar! It's called "Rock Solid Game" (heh), and it'll be at the Hotel Gansevoort on August 30th and 31st! Click for the e-mail-we have plenty of time to think up ways to make this event unpleasant for Paul. (Ladies, we don't want a group of guys being educated by the likes of him.)

Paul's seminar is going to be held Hotel Gansevoort, an absolutely beautiful location. If attending the seminar there could be some easy approaches for you. Imagine how easy it would be to take some of these women out on dates? Just play the innocent, mercy card friends.

Just say: "What did you hear about Paul Janka?"

They'll say: "BLAH BLAH"

You say: "I had no idea, a friend recommended him. I'm starving, can you tell me more about this at the restaurant over there?"


Seriously, though, this seminar called "Rock Solid Game" will be awesome. Paul's stuff is getting better by the day. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

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