Do Women Reject Men Based On Fashion

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I had no idea, but apparently, when it comes to long-term compatibility, women judge men first and foremost on their fashion sense, or lack thereof.

According to PEPPER SCHWARTZ, a sociology professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, women judge men "usually within the first 15 to 20 seconds, after that, the door starts to close." Sheesh, no pressure, guys.

Of the many things that men wear or possess that make them undateable to women are:

* Soul patches
* High-waisted dad jeans
* Novelty belt buckles
* Anything Ed hardy
* Tube socks
* Speedos

But it doesn't just end there. Women also reject men after a first date based on the things they might say, like "Booyah!" and "Come to poppa". Add to that popping the collar on a polo shirt, and you have yourself a man who is going to be alone for the rest of his life.

Authors ELLEN RAKIETEN and ANNE COYLE, who wrote": 311 THINGS GUYS DO THAT GUARANTEE THEY WON'T BE DATING OR HAVING SE x, which is due out in March 2010, think that someone had to say something because these little things are so easily fixable.

And because women spend so much time doting over how they look, they think it insulting when a guy shows up and looks like he walked out of a hurricane.

DAVE HORWITZ and MARISA PINSON are bloggers who have spent the last year compiling amusing ways that people ruin relationships. Marisa Pinson says, "It's not so much about what someone's wearing or if they slip up and say something that makes you want to write them off, it's a general example of where they're coming from." Horwitz had another take: "It's usually indicative of a much larger problem. You rarely find a scintillating, fascinating, brilliant sexy person wearing Crocs."

Are these snap judgments just a defense mechanism to keep women from getting hurt in the dating game, or is this simply a case of having way too many deal breakers on their list?

So would you really reject someone because of what they're wearing? I might, come to think of it.

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