Friend To Girlfriend Tips To Make It True

Friend To Girlfriend Tips To Make It True Image
This is the biggest myth about attracting a woman is that men should try to make a friendship with them. This is a wrong practice people do follow. Here are few tips to get best girl as your life partner:

No more friendship - if you are the best friend of her, then make a distance from her right now. You have to show your importance and prove how you are different from other friends. It is a difficult step to follow, but to get her in your life you have to do that.

Understanding - you are not allowed to leave a single opportunity to make her realize how better you understand her. Never miss the golden chance and show here wherever you get chance.

Calls - mobile phones have become inevitable part of life and play very important part in love life too. It is necessary to call her and show your care. But keep in mind that there is a thin line between care and obsession. You have right to call her but don't irritate her by calling many times in day. Don't forget, quantity doesn't matter but quality matters a lot.

It simply means it does not matter how many times you call her, but the only thing matter is when you call her. Never leave her alone, when she needs you most.

Suggested free e-books to read:

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