Demi Moore To Become Demi Kutcher

Demi Moore To Become Demi Kutcher Cover
After 4 years of marriage, DEMI MOORE is finally ready to become DEMI KUTCHER, which really does not have a nice ring to it.

DEMI MOORE has decided that on the fourth anniversary of her an ASHTON KUTCHER's wedding, she will take on her husband's name.

DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER have a 16-year age difference between them and were married in 2005 after having dated for 2 years. I'm guessing that she's taking his name not because she loves him so much, but for another reason.

You see, DEMI MOORE hasn't exactly been receiving movie scripts in droves of late and has become content to help thrust her husband into fame by making appearances on whatever projects he's working on.

So she's taking his name to help him out and tell the world that she no longer desires being in front of the camera in a starring role. Not that she has the option anymore anyway.

I still wonder if ASHTON KUTCHER wants to have children and what he will do when DEMI MOORE tells him that she's done with all that.

Stay tuned.

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