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You may be with the love of your life or with a summer fling; Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. Either way, sometimes things can get a little boring in the bedroom. There is nothing unusual or wrong about this and no one is to blame. Unless, of course, you don't do anything about it.

Take back your sex life, ladies! Throw a little spice into the boring sexual stew. Men are often lazy and get into habits easily. It's one of the things we love about them, but it makes them less inclined to think of ways to put the spark back into something they probably don't see the problem with (*sigh* men).

Instead of trading your lackaday lover in for a more energetic model, see what can be salvaged with one of the oldest tricks in the books. And use the best strip songs to do it.

The striptease.

You don't need 5-inch heels and a push-up bra to make an alluring dance (although they do wonders for the body), and you certainly don't need to install a pole in your bedroom (explain that one to your mom).

Find below a wide variety of songs that it's really fun to take your clothes off to. All songs have been tested on a sample group of red-blooded males. All males were unable to stand, speak, or otherwise interact with anyone or anything afterwards. (As it was a test performance, there was no sex to follow. Poor boys!)




While I generally like to avoid clich'es, I could not possibly write this list without including the #1 stripper anthem of all time. Pounding beat, screaming guitar, suggestive lyrics, and best of all - the chance to toss confectionary at your lover.

Just hearing this song (anywhere) makes you want to take off your clothes and hump the floor. Okay, maybe that's just me, but listen to it. Can't you feel your knees bending, your hips gyrating, your heels smacking the floor?

SUGGESTIONS: As this is a more classical "stripper" song - go with it. Whip out the bikini top and tear-away track pants. Have your man sitting in a chair watching you. Work the sleaze. Hell, dance on a table if you've got the space for it.




Deliciously retro with a good balance between slow, swingy piano (excellent for some hip action) and faster (still swingy) dirty lyrics. The narrative gives you an excellent chance to act a little, find your inner diva.

Tell him a story while you drop your drawers. There's a hint of burlesque in this song as well, and the de Burgh has such enthusiasm, you won't be able to resist going wild.

SUGGESTIONS: Really get into the 1920s feel with this hair tutorial. Also, the more you have to take off for this song, the better. Remember to swing those hips!




For the woman with a sense of humor and a whole lot of confidence in her sexuality, you can take this breezy, naughty song just about anywhere. You want big arm movements, lots of boob shaking, and of course - a little naughty touching!

Try to keep Austin Powers out of your mind because as you energetically disrobe to this little number, it won't be on your man's mind at all. Or just pretend to be a fembot.

SUGGESTIONS: Dig through your wardrobe to find your old '80s gear (admit it - you have it). Old prom dress? I think so. Leg warmers and a huge sweatshirt? Why not? It's coming off anyway.




This has a mid-'80s, casino and under the table deal kind of feel to it. Think long flowing movements with your graceful body, whirling your chest and hips in slow circles, unfurling layers of scarves and skirts while swaying side to side.

You can get some props involved in this, too, peeking from behind a closet door, or over the back of a tall-backed chair.

SUGGESTIONS: Whenever the singers says "not like you do" you have a perfect opportunity to feel up your man a little, wrapping one of those scarves around his neck.

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