Dating Tips Importance Of First Date

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You can forget everything in life but it is almost impossible to forget first date. Few wise decisions can make it a life time experience and some bad decision can ruin your life. There are few tips which you can follow on first date to make it nice:

- Always behave properly and look fashionable with decent clothes. Don't wear clothes like super models.

- Look good and carry positive attitude, try to create good atmosphere for you and your partner

- It is important to feel comfortable and create comfort for your partner

- Don't share your past experience with your first date.

- Always try to know each other nicely by questioning like favourite colour, sports, food, clothes, movie, actor, actress etc.

- It is advisable to choose a nice location for first date, a nice restaurant or coffee shop can be a best choice.

- Don't run too fast and never ask for address or anything else.

- Telephone or mobile number can be a best way to contact.

- Never forget to give a decent gift to girl at the end of the day, it will leave a nice impression on her about your personality.

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