The I Love You Visa Card

The I Love You Visa Card Image
We're all about buying actual gifts -- it's so much fun to watch your sweetie open it! For those times that you're really stumped or want to let your sweetie pick out their own gift, give them the "I Love You" visa! It's like a gift card, but better. These gift cards can be used at any merchant (online or in-store) nationwide that accepts visa. Plus, they never expire!

If you'd rather give a gift card for something specific, we recommend SpaFinder. It's the perfect compromise with the ease of a gift card, but she gets to pick the spa and treatment!

Suggested free e-books to read:

Christian Godefroy - How To Improve Your Self Image
David Michaels - When A Man Makes Love To A Woman
Susan Dunn - The Top 10 Clues Youre Dating A Married Man

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