Why Men Look At Other Women

Why Men Look At Other Women Cover
Even if you looked like Adriana Lima, you're going to have to face the fact that I, just like most every other heterosexual man, will look at other women.

You could be the love of my life and give me the greatest sex this side of Jenna Jameson, but my eyes will still check out the behind of that hot girl on the treadmill at the gym. So why is that? Allow me to explain why men look at other women.


You shouldn't confuse a wandering eye with a wandering penis, they are not one and the same. If I were incredibly happy in a relationship, why would I want to ruin it on a hot butt when I have no idea what goes on beyond that?

But men, as I'm sure you've heard a million times, are visual, and that is why I can't help myself when I spot an itty, bitty waist and a round thing in my face. And truth be told, there's no reason why it should offend you.

Of course, if I were staring her down and spent five minutes analyzing her butt, I could understand why you'd want to introduce your shoe to my face, but that's because I'd feel the same way if tables were turned.

If I just look her way, realize she's hot and mention to you that she's pretty, what's the problem with that? Why should that bother you? I'm obviously with you because I think you're hot, too, so shouldn't that make you more comfortable allowing me some "she's hot" time?


If you spotted an exceptionally good-looking guy and you were with your boyfriend at the time, you would:

A- Try to sneak a peek when you think your boyfriend's not looking

B- Look at him openly and mention to your boyfriend that he's quite smoking

C- Let go of your boyfriend's hand and attempt to flirt with the other guy

If you chose A, then chances are you're either afraid that looking at the other man will lead to an argument or will justify him looking at women.

If you chose B, you probably have a healthy relationship and your guy is comfortable pointing out which women he thinks are hot as well.

If you chose C, it's probably over by now.


So why do we do it? Can't we just keep our eyes on the prize and let all the other beautiful women walk on by without so much as a glance? No, we can't, and here's why.



When something is beautiful, be it a Breitling, an SL600 Roadster, a Samsung MM-A900, or a landscape, a man appreciates it because it is of interest to him.

So when we spot a strange but beautiful woman in our peripheral vision, it is our reflexes at work. Upon noticing that she is quite the looker, we continue to appreciate her beauty just long enough so as not to seem like weirdoes.

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