75 Percents Of Divorces Are Filed By Wives

75 Percents Of Divorces Are Filed By Wives Cover
Between 66% and 75% of divorces are filed by the wives, and that's a pretty high number considering how many men tell their mistresses they're going to leave their wives.

But in all seriousness, why are so many women the ones who make the final curtain call when it comes to divorce?

Well, here's why. Women tend to take care of everyone and everything in the home - yes, even if they work full time. So when a husband is not doing his share, they start complaining, or in man speak, "After a while, the wives give up and are certain that change is not possible. It is at this point that resentment and quite possibly hatred come into play.

Now while the wives start planning their exit, the husbands takes their silence as a sign that things are copasetic and that their wives have finally entered into that comfort zone that most couples know and hate.

When wives finally springs the "I want a divorce" speech on husbands, they seem flabbergasted. "Oh man, I had no clue. Why? What can I do to change?"

At this point, there is nothing a husband can do. If he acts like a jerkoff, she's walking off anyway. If he acts like a nice guy, she'll think he's pathetic and get even more turned off.

So for the men out there whose wives have stopped complaining about anything and everything, better luck next time. And for those of you whose wives are still complaining, start listening because she's letting you know that she wants to make it work.

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