Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations Cover
All honeymooners have their individual thoughts about what will be their ideal spot. Over the past couple of years, especially with the increase in the rising value of the Australian dollar, the overseas destinations have also become more and more famous at the time of planning for a honeymoon plans. Let's take at a look of five popular traditional honeymoon destinations:

* Fiji: It is the best places that are full of amazing facilities like five star resorts and honeymooners that are left with no less option when it comes in incorporating with romance and thrill.
* Greece: It is also a great place for all those honeymooners as it is full and thrilling and rocking activities that one can easily do. Mediterranean makes such destination one of the most popular destinations.
* New Zealand: As a one stop tourist place, it has everything from tropical rainforests to snowfields and also fabulous Fjord land scenery.
* The USA: It is a West Coast of America that includes Californian beaches and the dual cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles make such part of the USA by alluring so many honeymooners.
* Southeast Asia: In spite of increasing problem over so many years such as Bali, Southeast Asia still that offers great value for money and wonderfully romantic places for any of the person.

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