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David Shade - David Shades Manual Cover David Shade’s manual is another one of the products I bought early on in my seduction career. The book is touted as “top level field tested advanced sexual techniques to give women incredible pleasure”.

DavidShadesManualThe Masterful Lover Manual (as it’s called now – I have an older version of the book called simply ‘David Shade’s Manual’) is 195 pages long (the current edition is 205 pages). You can get it from www.masterful-lover.com priced at $37.97 for a PDF eBook download or $49.97 + shipping for paperback copy.

Please bear in mind that the following review is from 2003. I do not know if there have been any changes made to the book reviewed here.

The first thing to say is what it is. It is a book of David Shade’s journey, learning’s and experience. His enthusiasm for his subject is compelling. If you’re in the market for a book on giving your girl “incredible pleasure”, I’d guess that, like me, your enthusiasm for sex is also pretty high.

The manual covers many, many techniques, under chapter titles such as: ‘The Deep Spot’ ‘Learning To Squirt’ ‘The Welcomed Method’ (a method of clitoral stimulation). These give practical techniques from David’s thoughts and experience of topics like Taoist Thrusting the deep spot orgasm using toys etc. Too many to name: You get the impression that David Shade is always pushing the boundaries to bring to his willing subject(s) the type of sexual fulfillment they desire. It must have been a hell of a few years over which David became a master of this.

If you know anything of David Shade, you’ll know that his journey is of the hypnosis and (some) NLP route. If the techniques of physical stimulation were not enough, then the real reason for the Masterful Lover Manual is the advanced hypnotic techniques taught within it’s pages.

Now would be the time to quickly clarify that these techniques work, for anyone doubting the authenticity of topics discussing ‘the one hour orgasm’ or ‘instant orgasm on command’ or the nature of fantasy and reality. For many of us who have delved into seduction skills, hypnosis is real. For those of you who are new to it, I can’t think of a more fun way to learn than through this book. Your own research is recommended though.

So, the majority of the manual covers techniques of hypnosis. Included also is a basic script, based on the famous (in hypnosis circles anyway) Ellman induction, for you to hypnotise your woman. It is a wonderful thing to learn this stuff, and a wonderful feeling to experiment with new ideas of your own. A couple of other brief points, David Shade is somewhat of an expert on threesomes and his perspectives on that are shared here, also he has a chapter on anal sex if that is an area you want to do.

A criticism so often levied at seduction products is the lack of examples given. Now, I know this book is about sexual techniques (of mind and body), and examples of sexual techniques are very different than in field pickup applications of the other products reviewed on this site. But, it has to be stated that David Shade’s manual is packed to the rafters of examples and technique. You can say that the biographic style of this manual means that it comes across as one long example of advanced sexual techniques in practice.

The academia and theory is there to back up the applications and understanding (but it is brief – of note for those of you who like more deep understanding). So often seduction products are presented the other way round, with academic understanding taking precedence over examples in practice (David deAngelo’s products, as good as they often are, is an example of this) – David Shade’s approach is refreshing. All this makes it pleasant reading, and easy to follow in David’s footsteps.

Reading around the subject is recommended, indeed difficult to resist once you get accustomed to the power this holistic approach to sexual enjoyment opens up. The Masterful Lover Manual has recommended reading and other products, so you are not lost for direction.

A brief note from my own experience: When I was learning from this book, I was simultaneously delving into hypnosis. And it took me a little time to master David Shade’s techniques with help from other sources. This manual is advanced stuff and for full understanding of the learning’s contained in it you may need other resources.

Summary: There are few books or products (or people working) in this same advanced area as David, there are a few though. I have limited experience of other products in this category (for the most part I stopped looking when I found David Shade’s Manual). I enjoy using again and again the techniques I learned from David Shade, his book comes highly recommended.

Buy David Shade - David Shades Manual ($5.99)


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