The Art Of Story Telling

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Have you ever been around someone, or even seen someone on TV who can hold your attention completely and draw you in? Would you like to have these same skills and apply them to your interactions with women, people in general, and even for public speaking? Here's what you do:


Remove these things from your speech, ummm, because, errr, they are redundant and make people lose interest. Analyse your speech and you will either errr, ummm, or use the elongated "and" to fill space between thoughts. What do you need to do instead?


A pause draws people in, it is a tool of politicians and skilled public speakers. By pausing at key points people start to hang on your every word. Try it out, coupled with the above, you are already better than 99% of people.


Or at least seem to be doing so. Speak with passion. If you do not seem enthusiastic or passionate about something, it doesn't matter how interesting the thing is that you are talking about, people will lose interest.

If you do this right, women will get caught up in your story and start to feel emotions too. Tony Robbins is an excellent example of someone who seems to always speak with passion and emotion.


Make eye contact with the woman or with each member of the group. Never look down, and don't look away. When you make eye contact with someone, they pay more attention. If you are looking away, their attention can wonder and they will lose interest. With a group, pay attention to each member of the group so that you keep them all interested.


Use of gestures is something that is most important with larger groups. Movement catches the eye's attention more than anything else, so if the group is too big to hold eye contact with, use of gestures will help to keep them focused on you.


Being expressive in your face draws people in. Try to hold a poker face when speaking about something really fun and see the negative effect. Emotion expressed generates an emotional response in the woman.


A sure-fire way to hold attention is to vary the voice tone. This takes practice, and shouldn't be taken too far, but a bit of voice tone variation adds a lot. Try reading the most interesting thing in the world in a monotone and you'll see what I mean.

If you follow all these tips, you will be better socially, more successful with women and could be a great public speaker or salesman!

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