Maximizing Your Email Response Rate With Online Dating

Maximizing Your Email Response Rate With Online Dating Image

I have 3 questions for you:

1) How many e-mails does it take to get one RESPONSE from a woman on an online dating site?

2) How many responses does it take to get a woman's PHONE NUMBER?

3) How many phone numbers (and phone calls) does it require to get a woman interested enough to GO ON A DATE with you?

In a nutshell, how long does it take you to get one date through the online dating sites?

If you're like most men, it takes dozens of e-mails (and sometimes, hundreds) to get one response, if any.

That's because most women who are at least decently attractive get 30 to 50 e-mails a day from men, and the ones who are very attractive get even more.

As a result, they delete most of their incoming e-mail unless there's something in them that stops them dead in their tracks.

This may be the reason why 97% of the men who join online dating sites quit within the first 3 months, according to Jupiter Research.

They spend hours online fishing for women, but they get only a few bites, if any - and usually, they're from women who aren't desirable to them.

Let's analyze the numbers a bit further.

If you're like most men, it would take 5 email responses from women (or more) to get one phone number. And it would take 10 phone numbers (and phone calls) to get one woman to go on a date with you.

All told, it would take hundreds of e-mails to generate the responses and phone numbers that will result in a single date.

And that's an undertaking that takes HOURS to do. The question remains: Is it really worth HOURS of your time to get a single date through the online dating sites?

At least one guy I know has found the whole online dating process too tedious that he said, "It's enough to drive men to a house of prostitution to get away from the hassle of getting dates online."

Now how about you? How does your batting average compare with these average Joes? Are you doing any better?

What if I told you that in just 20 minutes per week, I can show you how to get more dates than you can handle?

The key is to maximize every single interaction you have with women on the online dating sites so that you can have MORE RESULTS IN LESS TIME - and that's exactly what I show you in my Insider Internet Dating program.

I also show you how I easily get 30 to 50 dates a month when other men average 1 or 2 a month - if they're lucky..

Now, imagine being in front of your computer, logging onto an online dating site and finding a drop-dead gorgeous woman that you're really interested in.

I'll show you how you can easily

* Spend just 2 minutes typing out an e-mail to her that will make her instantly interested in you and give you her phone number.

* Call her on the phone without fear or nervousness, and in under 15 minutes, get her to say "Yes" to a date with you

* Get her out on a date, wherein she not only enjoys being with you but feels strangely intimate with you -- even if it's only your first date

* Get her to be attracted to you - even if you're an average-looking or physically unattractive guy - and want to hold hands with you, kiss you, and maybe agree to a 'more physical' encounter

You can just glide effortlessly through the above steps - and get date after date with any woman you want whenever you want -- when you get your hands on my Insider Internet Dating program.

It's as easy as following a paint-by-numbers system - and when you follow it, you're guaranteed to get dates every time.

So what are you waiting for?

Try the Insider Internet Dating program risk-free for 45 days. If it doesn't do for you everything I said it would do, I want you to return it for a full refund - and keep the free bonus that I provide with your purchase.

There's nothing to lose - except a life with no dates.

Dave M

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