How To Easily Handle Tests From A Woman

How To Easily Handle Tests From A Woman Image
This is one of the most important messages I've written to you in a long time.

Read it and you will learn two tools that will help you in any time a woman tests you.

I know this is a bold statement, and I also know if you put these two tools into practice for the rest of your life you will thank me.

In fact, I taught these during my Invitation only workshop the Art of Seduction last year. The most advanced program I offer.

Have I got your attention yet?

Good. Let's begin


If you only learn one thing from me, my instructors, or PickUp 101 this is the one to BURN into your memory banks.

It will help you in attraction

It will help you pass a woman's 'tests'

It will help you in relationships

And it's really simple.

No matter what happens


Never argue. Never explain. Never get upset.

It's like the way you are with a puppy. Even when it chews your favorite shoe, it's cute.

This is especially useful when things aren't going well, or you are getting tested hard. (Remember women are ALWAYS testing you, even if you've been with her for years)

This is also one of the secrets to doing Banter on the fly.

Some examples for you:

Her: You're an asshole

You: OMG You're so cute, you're like the mean girls in high school I was afraid to talk to.

Her: You're a player.

You: You're so cute, you're like pop-psychoanalyzing me! Are you a psychic?

(Note: you can keep the "You're so cute part" in your head. It doesn't actually have to be verbalized.)

Her: You've got no game.

You: You're gonna be my new game coach! Like how's my body language?

Her: (Throws wadded napkin at you)

You: It's just like junior high! This is so fun!

Do you get it?

Are light bulbs going off in your head yet? They should be.

Lots of times your first reaction is that something she does is NOT cute, but take this new frame and treat her actions like they're


This is how you can be solid as a rock no matter what kind of emotional storm a woman creates as a test.


When you're doing improve with someone, they give you what's called an "offer."


"Is that a head in your freezer?"

Now there's 3 categories of responses to this question.

1. Wrong: No. "No, it's a chicken."

2. Bad: Yes, But. "Yes, but it's just a fish head."

3. Best: Yes, And. "Yes, and there's 2 more in the cupboard."

If this were with a woman here's what the answers represent

1. No. Its This is being logical. It's what guys do and it puts women to sleep.

2. Yes, but This is being argumentative. Anytime you say 'but' it negates her statement.

3. Yes, and This opens it up for you to be playful and to deflect any tests.

Remember. Never disagree. Never argue.


Her: That's a bad haircut

You: I know, and I told my barber you can give me a worse haircut than that, you're not even trying!

Her: Are you an asshole?

You: Yeah, and I've been working on becoming a whole entire ass!

Her: Are you just trying to get laid?

You: Yeah, and I think if I saved up and bought those New Rock boots I've had my eye on I'm sure I could make it happen.

Her: Is that shirt from K-Mart?

You: Yeah, and it was like 80% off!

This shows a girl you're un-shakeable. That generates attraction.

It's a way of showing that you are a cool guy, you're happy and having fun and no one can shake that.

Are you getting this? Is it sinking in?

We do exercises to practice these two tools in our workshops. I recommend you do the same.

And don't just practice when you see a hottie you want to meet.

The secret to practice is to do it everyday, all the time, with everyone.

Now go meet some women.


Lance Mason

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