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I don't ususally post horoscopes ("although I will confess to reading mine daily (I have it e-mailed to me--oh, be quiet) because it's usually so out there it gives me a giggle"), but I rather loved the top half of todays predictions ("yes", "very much so"), so I thought I'd share.

May 4th 2006

Some unexpected but welcome communications could come your way, [..."my name deleted to protect the innocent..."], through fax, email, cell phone, or other tools of recent technology - probably from either a lover or a close friend. Planning for a pleasant and exciting journey by air is indicated. Today, you relate well to others; friendships grow closer, romantic relationships more intimate. Someone close to you could even move into your neighborhood. Tonight: Plan a small gathering. You'll enjoy it!

Suggested free e-books to read:

In10se - Game
Geoffrey Miller - The Mating Mind

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