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A nationwide survey by the National Confectioner's Association revealed the inner workings of men's minds this Valentine's Day.

On average, it found that men spend upwards of $130 on candy, cards, flowers, gifts, or dates on Valentine's Day, nearly double the amount that women spend. Not surprisingly, men receive only 6% of all Valentine's Day gifts! We figure it's time to buck this trend and show your guy some real romance this year.

While most of our visitors listed lingerie as their most desired 'gift', men enjoy receiving chocolates as well (even better if they're combined!). When it comes to specific chocolate gifts, the NCA survey found that 34% of men favor boxed chocolates and 25% favor high-end, gourmet chocolates.

Here are some sweet candy ideas for your guy this Valentine's Day:

* Heart shaped boxes of chocolates. Open the box before you give it to him and put a love letter on the inside of it or put slips of paper with reasons why you love him under each chocolate.
* Godiva hot chocolate. Brew a batch and enjoy it together in front of the fireplace as you cuddle close together.
* Pralines, truffles, and other gourmet chocolates. Head to a candy store and pick up a variety of gourmet chocolates for him to enjoy.
* Gourmet chocolate body frosting. This is the combo gift - lingerie and chocolate together.
* Chocolate dipped strawberries. Add a bottle of wine and you've got one sexy gift.
* Homemade fudge. Bake it yourself or get some from a local candy store.

Some of our favorites found online:

ZCHOCOLAT'S JE T'AIME - A selection of hand-made French artisan chocolates in a solid mahogany box engraved with your words of love.

GOURMET TRUFFLES in a romantic, yet masculine box. These truffles include fresh creams, fruits, and nuts with a creamy interior of chocolate or ganache.

CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES - Gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries include white, dark, and milk covered berries.

Add extra romance to your sweet gift by giving it to your sweetie in a romantic setting. The NCA survey found that nearly 40% of respondents preferred to enjoy their sweets in front of the fireplace with their sweetie. After the fireplace, women preferred sweets after dinner, during a romantic dessert. Not surprisingly, men preferred their sweets in bed.

Make his Valentine's Day sweet this year.

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