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While living in New York City, I think I was fixed up with all of Manhattan and most of Brooklyn (the Jewish part). I would call my mum from the bathroom stalls of restaurants and bars. "Get out," she would tell me over the phone and I would glance at the teeny, barred-up windows that led to the dark alleyways.

One night, on a date at a new and trendy restaurant in the village, I found myself making eye contact across the room with a very handsome man, dining with another man. I'm telling you, we didn't stop looking at each other. He was just my type. Sandy blonde hair and that "I don't care but I really do" style, while my date was...well...very nice and clean. I spent an hour strategizing my move. Finally I excused myself to the lady's room. On my way back, I casually walked by the man's table. I dropped my business card on the floor, picked it up, and placed it on their table. "I think you dropped something," I said looking right at him. "Ah merci," he replied sincerely, thinking that he had really dropped something (of course he was Euro). Heart racing, I returned to my table. He never looked at me again.

I'm a Social Worker by profession. Perhaps he thought I was offering him therapy? Or maybe he had a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, or he just didn't find me cute and the eye f@#&ing was all in my head. Either way, if I would have had my Cheek'd cards on me this whole process would have been a lot easier!

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