Love At First Sight Romantic Attraction For A Stranger

Love At First Sight Romantic Attraction For A Stranger Image
Generally, people are not aware about the love at first sight. Some people claim it as a wrong feeling and some claim it most amazing feeling. Feeling something extraordinary or special about someone after seeing him/her first time can be the first step towards the love at first sight. Many people like to wait for few days and checkout their feelings. In case, they are feeling in the same way for next 2-4 weeks then they can go-ahead and propose him/her.

According to experts, love at first sight is more related about the physical appearance because it is not possible to fall in love with someone without knowing him/her. But few people claim that love at first is a starting of true love. According to them, everyone has some image in his/her mind about their partner and whenever they see someone quiet close to that image they naturally get attracted.

There can be a long discussion happened on love at first sight. However, it is important to keep your heart in control. Don't forget that hot food can burn your tongue. If you find someone interesting then approach him/her gradually.

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