Barry Kirkey Said Something About Me

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So these last few weeks have been extremely busy.

Not only do I have my normal job, side projects, etc but I've been trying to experience summer before it's gone. This is my first summer when I haven't moved to either NYC or LA for work. I'm glad to be settled and having fun.

Flashback a few months ago when I started posting Barry's articles on my site, which have no real merit for getting better with women, apart from adding some enjoyment to a guys day for the humor it has. Barry's a great guy who I don't know real well, but seems genuine.

A few weeks ago he had two podcasts in which he said something about me. I WASN'T ABLE TO LISTEN, DID ANYONE HEAR THEM? WHAT WAS SAID ABOUT ME?

All I know is that it has something to do with not posting his Sunday articles. This has nothing to do with Barry, only the sheer weight of work and getting side-tracked.

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