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VHI has reteamed with pickup master Mystery for a second season of "The Pickup Artist," premiering Oct. 12.

Mystery will guide nine "socially awkward" students in how to pick up women. The last man standing will receive 50,000.

New wing-girl Tara will join Mystery and season one's wing-man Matador in "The Pickup Artist 2," which moves to Phoenix for this season. "It's certainly no mystery why we've partnered again with Mystery," said Jeff Olde, VH1's executive VP of original programming and production, in a statement. "He already had a legion of followers from his book when we launched 'The Pickup Artist' series last year, and now he's grown into a pop culture phenomenon. He's even been parodied on 'Saturday Night Live'-a true indicator of water-cooler buzz."

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My take on it. Last fall when pick up artist show came out, it was huge rise in interest in pick up. This time around i am expecting take 2 of that, so once again, more people will start looking for pick up material, pick up books, coaching, and all that stuff. Mystery will be taking the major cut of that, but we small guys also will be picking up crumbs of whats left. In fact, if you look at google trends, search for pick up artist words on google literally quadrupled during the showing ofthe show.Sign up for Pick up Future RSS feed.

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