Embrace The Unknown

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There you are, alone at a bar waiting for your friends to arrive. You are standing at the bar only a few feet away from a woman who is also standing alone at the bar.

This woman is beautiful. She is everything you think you want.

You see her take a sip of her drink, play with the straw, look at her watch and check her cell phone. She looks around the room and, for just a split second, your eyes meet and you have a moment. Then she quickly looks down, and looks back at her phone again.

There you are, standing there alone at the bar with your hands in your pocket waiting for you friends. Apparently she is also waiting for her friends.

Your mind starts racing. You start thinking to yourself, "What can I say? What can I do?"

There are so many clues in this situation! She checked her watch. She checked her phone. Obviously she is waiting for her friends.

It is very easy to walk over there, look at her and say, "Obviously you are waiting for your friends. My friends are late too." You could start chatting with her.

The problem is that your mind starts messing with you. You don't see the obvious or, even if you did, you start to freak out the second she looks at you.

You start to ask all those questions in your head like "What can I say" and "How can I get this amazing woman's attention?" Listen, though, to what you are saying.

You already have her attention. She already looked over at you.

It is because you are afraid and overcomplicate things so much that you don't see the obvious signs in life. You don't even see the wonder of this moment. You don't even realize what a powerful moment this can be because you over-analyze things so much.

You have such a fear of embracing the unknown, that this is what is going to happen to you in this scenario: You are going to stay standing where you are and another guy is going to walk up and start talking to her.

Then her friends are going to arrive, and you are going to watch she and her friends get into a great conversation with him and his friends. When you go home, you are going to wonder what you could have done.

The truth is that you already know what you could have done. It is just your fear of the unknown that doesn't allow you to do it.

Every day you need to face the unknown. Every day you need to push yourself to do something of which you are afraid.

Otherwise, the unknown will continue to scare you and you will end up dating women who don't intrigue you and to whom you are not attracted. There is nothing worse than having sex with a woman who doesn't intrigue you.

You also don't want to ever end up in a relationship with a woman who doesn't intrigue you. Fear of the unknown is what drives us to loneliness.

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