Brett Mckay - Guide To Being A Gentleman (2.0 MB)

Brett Mckay - Guide To Being A Gentleman Cover We live in a society where the art of being a gentleman has been lost. Incivility and brutishness run rampant. Women are complaining. That’s where this 32-page ebook by Brett McKay from The Art of Manliness comes in.

In it, you’ll learn:

* What the benefits of being a gentleman are

* How to navigate chivalry in a post-feminist age

* What proper Facebook etiquette is

* How to groom yourself so you don’t look like a slob

* Why your cell phone makes you look like a tool

* And so much more…

To get your Guide to Being A Gentleman in 2008, please make very small payment!

So what are you waiting for? Man up and subscribe today!

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Buy Brett Mckay - Guide To Being A Gentleman ($6.43)


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