Women Are More Flirter Than Mens Yes Or No

Women Are More Flirter Than Mens Yes Or No Image
When a female bat her eyelids at you, take a long breathe and hold herself back then simply she is not been interested in you. A deep study by an Austrian anthropologist has found that a woman cannot help a leading man on that is reported by a new scientist magazine. Professor Karl Grammar has found that women are accidentally used as courtship methods. It includes smiling and flipping their hairs and fiddling with their clothes just to take a control when they meet the strangers.

Women also keep away from sending clear refusal signals like crossing their arms to those men they found unattractive until they had judged them. Grammar, the director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Urban Ethnology in Vienna is based his findings by studying 45 pairs of male and female strangers. His team discovered that the female are often tried to attract their male partner's attention by talking happily and giving sexual signals to them. And if they found the men unpleasant, they did not directly express any form of clear negative response. After sometime their actions imitate their feelings. Such kind of initial unconscious flirting gave time to females to evaluate the men.

The females responded negatively only at that time when men talked too much or continuously. Nevertheless, it was mostly the females who controlled the meetings and their physical action gets a direct effect on the males. Some of the simple gestures such as nodding their heads show the males talkative nature. In this way, the females can easily calculate the male talkative behavior. So guys, from the next time when you fid the gal giving you a lasting look or a appealing smile, just stop yourself and think twice as she is not at all interested in you.

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