Simple Dating Mistakes That Even Smart Women Make

Simple Dating Mistakes That Even Smart Women Make Cover
Have you just entered a new relationship or are simply trying to avoiding repeating prior mistakes? Here's our guide on being the smartest dater you can be.

* DONT BE TOO AVAILABLE. This does not mean to lead your partner on, it means simply to live your life for yourself. Indulge your passions and allow a little selfishness. Rather than constantly leave your friends to see him, tell him you're enjoying a girl's night out. It's no fun if there's absolutely no chase involved. When there is nothing to work for, it is a much less satisfying relationship so make him work a little bit and smile at the little guilty pleasure you can derive in seeing how bright his eyes light up when he does get to see you.
* SEEKING PERFECTION. We are not perfect. Humans are not perfect. Everybody has their own idiosyncrasies which determine who they are. There are some qualities we feel we must have but are they actually necessary? Movie-star looks would be nice to have, but there are so many more important qualities such as honesty and genuineness. He may be a mess when it comes to cleaning up, but don't let that stop you from loving him!
* FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF. When you're single and you see all your girlfriends in relationships, don't fall into the trap of jealousy. Don't fault your single status, embrace it. Date yourself. Consider joining ballroom dancing or visiting a sight or place you always wanted to see. Let love come to you and let it be spontaneous. Sitting at home wondering when Prince Charming is going to come is never going to happen because you have to be out there for him to find you!
* SEX TOO SOON. It is your operative whether or not to have sexual relations with a sexy stranger you just met. However, it can often be the wrong move if you are looking for a more long term love-interest. Men will often value you less when they feel they have already achieved the pearl of your love. When there is no work involved, men will become complacent and start to disregard you as always available. By not rushing into bed, it allows both of you too gage whether or not you should take things further and how quickly. Do not fool yourself into thinking he will be forever smitten; instead, take your time and enjoy the process.
* BELIEVING IN THE ONE. We have all heard the adage of finding and experiencing true love. But the world is vast and chances for love infinite. Don't let your ideas of what should be dictate your relationships. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has regrets they wish they didn't do. Let your love be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Rather than search for a perfect match, let yourself be open to shaping imperfection to a perfection that suits you.

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