Book Review A Little Bit Married

Book Review A Little Bit Married Cover
Have you ever moved in with someone and done everything that married couples do, except that you never actually went the route of actually getting married? Well, that's the gist of what" Little Bit "is all about.

HANNAH SELIGSON finally puts a name to what many have been doing of late; moving in together, smelling each other's crap, getting way too comfortable, but never actually having taken the plunge.

HANNAH SELIGSON gives you (namely women) the necessary tools to figure out if this man you're "practically" married to actually has any plans that involve diamonds and a walk down the aisle.

Because most long-term relationships tend to slide into this comfort zone without the actual implications of marriage, many wonder if the person they're waiting around for actually has any plan of taking that last and incredibly important step.

HANNAH SELIGSON gets readers to take a good, hard look at the tough questions and conclude whether or not this is the real deal or just a long-term comfort for the other person. She asks:

* What are the signs that this person is ready for a long-term deal?
* How do the two of you make decisions regarding big ticket items like careers, living arrangements and religion?
* How long should you stay in a relationship like this before it's time to get married or move on?

So if you are currently in such a bind, perhaps it's time to enlist the help of HANNAH SELIGSON.


By Hannah Seligson

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