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Date: 1. Meet girl.2. Rate her as a 7.3. Establish rapport.4. Get girl's number.5. Set up date a few days later.6. Pick her up.7. Cancel original plans to go hiking due to rain.8. Go to local indoor rock climbing venue, change mind due to excessive price.9. Contrive to have car temporarily break down.10. Decide to purchase food.11. Walk to restaurant12. Begin Kino, but tentatively. 13. Purchase food.14. Receive IOI of deliberate full body contact.15. Discuss family and religion (note need for better subject matter).16. Note her good girl status.17. Note improvement in the weather.18. Succeed in starting your car.19. Go to park.20. During journey to the park, note that she playing with gear stick.21. Wonder why she is playing with gear stick.22. Retrieve her hand from gear stick.23. Hold her hand for duration of the journey.24. Learn later (from third party) that interest in gear stick is an IOI.25. Reach park.26. Walk with your arm around her waist (note and enjoy adrenaline due to desire to kiss).27. Step off path28. State that you want to try something.29. In response to her curiosity, indicate your desire to kiss.30. Move in for kiss.31. Note her objection that she hardly knows you, respond that you do not know her either.32. Kiss her.33. Note her enjoyment.34. Continue walk.35. Find place to sit to continue kissing.36. Attempt second kiss.37. Note that she does not want to kiss again.38. Fail to push past objections, find objections amusing.39. Note that she questions your interest in getting to know her.40. Talk. 41. Lay back to look at stars.42. Cuddle.43. Note proximity (if she were any closer she would be on top of you).44. Note the novelty of cuddling.45. Enjoy novelty and proximity.46. Note the cold and your lack of insulation.47. Get up to return to parking lot.48. Joke about the difficulty of walking with your arm around her waist, due to disparity in height.49. Pick her up to go faster.50. Note the way she is looking at you.51. Put her down.52. Take advantage of the opportunity and kiss her again.53. Note her enjoyment54. Leave park.55. Attempt to return date to her home.56. Contrive to have car overheat.57. Park.58. Go on walk while car cools down.59. Hold hands.60. Note that she likes boating and other water sports.61. Mention that you own a boat.62. Contemplate possibility of future dates due to boat.63. Imagine date in a bikini.64. Enjoy mental image.65. Return to car and replenish radiator with water.66. Note need for new radiator.67. Return date to house. 68. Get final goodnight kiss.69. Be pleased with your lack of apology for the mishaps.70. Be happy.71. Text date the next day to indicate enjoyment of date and desire to repeat experience.72. Wait.73. Wait.74. Repeat step 71 two days later in voice-mail form.75. Wait.76. Wait.77. Wait.78. Realize that she is not going to call back due to buyers remorse.79. Note the need to calibrate horniness on first dates in order to achieve second date.80. Note the need to calibrate aggressiveness in pursuit of kissing.81. Be sad, but briefly.82. Accept date as learning experience.83. Note the overgrowth on the local "salix discolor".84. Soldier on.

Note: All notes are to self.

Alpha Game 2011

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