Pickup Artist Player Of The Week My Best Week As Puin Training

Pickup Artist Player Of The Week My Best Week As Puin Training Image
I am loving the single life. Back when I was about 125 pounds heavier (girlfriend) I thought the only chance I had at getting laid was by having a girlfriend. Then came "The Game" and my mind was blown. Since breaking up with my girlfriend and studying pickup artist materials I've learned that anything is possible when it comes to seducing women.

I've made immense progress in picking up women but nothing could compare to the week I had in mid-March. My greatest week as a PUA in training started on Wednesday, the 16th of March.


I don't usually drink during the week. On Wednesday though, I made an exception for a cute 21 year old that came over with her equally cute friend. A friend and I were able set up a double date with two girls we met the prior Saturday at a bar. I spent most of the night making out with my date.


Besides watching Jersey Shore, the rest of the night was spent with a bed buddy. She slept over but we didn't do much sleeping.


I went out with a few friends to a local bar. Wasn't expecting to meet anyone but of course I did. My friends and I talked to a couple of girls and managed to get them to another bar then to eat afterwards. I ended the night by number closing one of them.


When I thought my week couldn't get any better, unsurprisingly, it did. I accompanied a friend on a party bus that was filled with beautiful drunk women. My "date" had a boyfriend and has been in my friend zone for more than a year. That night she confessed her feelings for me and practically begged me to get with her. Long story short, she broke up with her boyfriend through a text at four in the morning while we were fooling around in the back seat of her car.

That was my best week so far as a PUA in training. What's yours?

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