Do You Sabotage Your Success With Women

Do You Sabotage Your Success With Women Image
You know, a funny thing happened to me the other day.

I was in line at the supermarket, and before me was a rather beautiful latina woman. And oddly enough, the first thing that popped into my head was:

"She probably has a boyfriend."

But then, I caught myself.

See, I noticed she didn't have a ring on her finger, so I knew she wasn't married. And she was so pretty, I couldn't believe she was single. But the point was -- I didn't know!

This is a really common habit most guys can fall into. They look for ways to sabotage themselves before they even try talking to a woman.

They think things like

"She's probably taken."

"I'm probably not her type."

"She'll probably reject me."

Blah, blah, blah.

All these thoughts are, is an attempt to justify our fear of approaching women!

This is our brain trying to give us a "way out" without us feeling bad about it.

But the simple fact remains: You don't know if any of it is true.


And the only way you're really going to know is if you take a chance and find out!

Even though I was in dumpy clothes, hadn't yet showered, and was sporting a 3-day old beard, I decided to approach this beautiful young woman in front of me.

And you know what?

She DIDN'T have a boyfriend.

But she DID give me her number!

Had I given into my brain's attempt to sabotage my desire to meet this woman and give into my nervousness about approaching her in the state I was in, I would never have had that success.

There are two things you must always remember to protect yourself from self-sabotage when it comes to women.

1. If you have a negative thought that contains the word "probably", "can't", or "won't", then chances are that thought is trying to SABOTAGE you.

2. You never know for sure until you attempt to meet a woman.

These two simple rules are EXTREMELY important in overcoming your inability to approach.

The fact is, most women are open to meeting you. And if they aren't, they'll tell you.

But if they ARE, that's when the fun begins!

I talk a great deal about how to get over your approach anxiety and fear of rejection in my book, The Art Of Approaching.

It's really a "how-to" guide in overcoming all your problems with meeting women.

And remember, meeting women is the most important step in the process of attracting them! After all, you can't do anything until

you meet them.

If you want to really get good at meeting women -- to the point where you could go out TONIGHT and meet up to 12 amazing and

beautiful women without fear -- then you should check out my book here:

Now go get 'em.

Wishing you success,

Joseph Matthews

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