New York Best City For Singles

New York Best City For Singles Cover
Are you single and looking for love? Well, New York is the best place to be because it has been rated at the best U.S. city for singles.

Rounding out the top 10 cities for singles in the U.S.:

1- New York
2- Boston
3- Chicago
4- Seatlle
5- Washington D.C.
6- Atlanta (number 1 last year)
7- San Francisco
8- Los Angeles
9- Milwaukee
10- Philadelphia

It is the first time that New York has been chosen as the best city for singles in a poll that assessed 40 of the biggest U.S. urban areas for coolness (whatever the hell that means), cost of living alone, job growth, online dating, nightlife and ratio of singles to the entire population living in the area.

It was actually the online dating component that led to New York's number 1 status for singles. New Yorkers have the most active online dating accounts than anyone else in the country.

So while it was believed that all New Yorkers were preoccupied mainly by earning more money, it seems that there has been a shift and now love has taken precedence (cue the violins).

So if you're single, are a U.S. citizen and want to get a piece of the action in the dating game, New York is your best bet.

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