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I have found that for many of you the following is true: once you overcome MEETING someone, you still don't really know how to date the person successfully. And many of you are just settling for relationships that you're not really all that excited about.

So the first thing that I really want to discuss with you all is communication. Communication is the key to everything in a relationship - including intimacy.

Why? Because without communication, you'll never really be able to connect - to really share your desires and wishes with your partner.

Intimacy is about more than just having great sex. Intimacy is being able to look deeply into your lover's eyes and have an amazing conversation. Intimacy is also based on honesty.

If you have great communication in a relationship, you'll have honesty as well. The two qualities just work hand-in-hand.

If you feel comfortable to talk to your lover about anything in the world, you're being honest with yourself and with your partner.

Many of you are not the best communicators, and that's something we need to work on. So over the next couple of months, we will really focus in on teaching you guys to be master communicators - both in the blogs as well as some of the products.

A new product will be coming out soon called the Master Communicator Series, where we will really work to practice these skills.

It is so important to be able to communicate - anything, to anybody! Recently Rey had an experience that I'm sure many of you will find familiar.

Rey was frustrated with some things at work that weren't going well for him, and he took some things personally (which we ALL do). But instead of communicating it to me immediately, it escalated into something that it never should have.

Instant communication is important. When you're frustrated and upset with someone, you need to realize that you must process it. The quicker that you process it, the better the communication will be.

If you keep things festering inside, when you finally do talk to the person a week later, what will happen? You're going to have an emotional outburst - that will lead to confrontation - that will lead to bad feelings between you and the person that you love.

So, communication is key. How comfortable are you with your communication style? What can you improve? Be honest, and let me know in your comments. What are your strong points? Let's communicate on this blog today and really open it up!

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