Bryan Plumb - Rapport Cheating The Chemistry (262.0 Kb)

Bryan Plumb - Rapport Cheating The Chemistry Cover I initially began to write this booklet for my own use, as a collection of ideas gathered through experience and teachings. It demonstrates how to create an instant bond between you and what I will refer to as your “subject”. This ‘instant bond’ so to speak usually takes weeks if not months to acquire sometimes it just doesn’t happen yet with the correct usage of Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP (we will touch on this later), this ‘bond’ can be achieved in literarily minutes, through using nothing more than having a perfectly normal conversation with your subject. After reading this booklet, you will have new approaches when meeting someone for the first time, you will be able to include skills such as “anchorage” and “marking” (we will touch on these later too) to conversations, make people relax through suggestions, alter people’s opinions on anything and much, much more. Sound good? All is explained throughout this book.

Rapport – a sympathetic relationship or understanding. To be in harmony with. (Oxford English Dictionary)

In the foreword, I talked about a ‘special bond’ with a person, in psychological terms this is known as having a “strong Rapport” with someone. To be part of a couple, you and your spouse need to have a strong Rapport with each other, else you would turn out like ‘Steve Macdonald and Karen from Coronation Street!’ Everyday we meet people whether they are new to us, or a long-term friend/enemy. But how do we know if we like someone or not? What is it that decides for us whether we are “destined to be” with a person? Is it this so called ‘Chemistry’ between two people? Well, no. No it isn’t. There are psychological reasons as to why people will get along with some people, yet clash with others, this is all down to how we PROCESS information.


Please do not rush through this book, you will find that you will have missed extremely important details out if you do so, therefore I urge you to take your time, read at your own pace, and try the effects. I hope you will enjoy reading this booklet as much as I have enjoyed writing it. No part of this book may be reproduced without the written consent of the author. Anyone with illegal copies will be prosecuted.

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