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I admit it; I'm a sucker for romance. I enjoy having women do something special and unique for me. I like to know that when I tell them how much I love root beer floats, they're listening and prove it by making me one while I'm watching the game.

Romancing men is not difficult; unfortunately, most women think that they don't have to do any romancing. Rather, they expect us to do all the work while they reap all the benefits.

Well I'm here to tell you that not only is romancing men a fantastic way to keep your relationship going strong, it's also great for letting him know that you appreciate him. Plus, romancing men may, in turn, garner you some top of the line romance down the line.

So, are you eager to romance your guy, but just aren't sure how to go about it? Well, that's what I'm here for ladies, so sit back, relax and let me feed your wonderful brain with ideas.


It doesn't take a new car for a guy to know that you love him. Just pay attention to what he says he enjoys and get it for him. For example, some time when you're watching TV, he might say, "Oh, I remember those cookies from when I was a kid, I love them."

Well, the next time you head out to the grocery, look for those particular cookies and buy them for him. He will think the world of your gesture and will pay you in kind.


Although this isn't actually something you would be doing, it is something you should avoid doing at all costs. Something changes in a man when he sees you using pimple cream or bleaching your mustache. If you want to ensure that he thinks of you as sexy, you will want to avoid performing these womanly rituals in front of him.

Even if you live together, there are things that should be relegated to the bathroom and should not be seen by your man at any point. And yes, even if he farts and scratches his testicles in front of you, you still shouldn't submit him to your bad habits.


If he typically arrives home from work and the two of you have dinner together while discussing your days, spice things up one day and shock him by greeting him at the door with a sexy outfit on and loud, seductive music playing in the background.

The newness of the situation will arouse him (not to mention, your outfit), and he will keep this romantic moment in his mind for years to come. The point is that you want to excite him every now and then and remind him how much you adore him.

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