Did Women Kill Chivalry

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Every day I hear at least one woman complaining that men just aren't chivalrous anymore, and College Candy writer Hannah backs that up whole heartedly.

But the real question remains: Why is chivalry dead?

A wise man once told me that" LIBERATION LIBERATED "and more and more I discover that that is so incredibly true.

Women no longer get doors opened for them, no longer get asked out on dates and no longer get handed a man's jacket when they feel cold. No, instead it's a door slammed in the face, a booty call at 2 am and coming down with a cold for being too stupid to bring a sweater along.

Why? Are men so daft that they don't realize that we want their chivalry? Or are women so damn burnt that we ended up destroying the very thing that made us want to be ladies?

I, for one, love BEING TREATED LIKE A LADY and always treat a man with the utmost respect in order to be treated as such. But too often, I see women trying to act tough and behaving like frat boys, having sex with random men and getting medieval on any man who tries to be a gentleman, and so yeah, I get why guys stopped doing all the wonderful gentlemanly things that so many women long for.

So if women want chivalry to rise from the dead once again, they have to start acting like ladies. After all, why would a man want to be a gentleman if there are no ladies around to benefit from it?

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