She Is The Most Audacious And Funniest Girl

She Is The Most Audacious And Funniest Girl Image
Dear all meet Sue and Nush, short for Sukriti and Nushan

(and not to forget little miss Mona in the pram).

These girls are just crazy, hilarious to be around and just plain lovable!

The other night they were over at my place and after dinner we all went out for a coffee on the Parade. (yep, that's the plus of living near the Parade!).

And boy! Did we have a great time!

We first started by having a big walk up and down the Parade and finally decided to have coffee at Cibo. Even Mona got a 'babychinno'! which she really enjoyed! lol...

These two girls have been really great friends lately, and have been surrounding me with their love and support and friendships. Nushan has a heart as big as the universe and will go miles for a friend in need! (literally! Remember the time we got lost and drove hours to go pick up Sue! I will never forget that one! lol...). And as for Sue, she is one of a kind! She is the most audacious and funniest girl I've met so far! And did I mentioned that they are pretty gorgeous too!

And when I say they are crazy! lol... they really are...

Let me explain... we were at Cibo ordering our coffee from this cute guy, right! Of course we all noticed how cute he was, because he really was gorgeous! :))

Then a bit later on, what do these girls do! Yep, they go and talk to the guy on my behalf! Totally crazy! I know! But wait... it gets better! They come back with Joe's number for me! (Joe is the cute guy's name! lol)

Now, I haven't been in the dating scene for so long... i felt so embarrassed! Well not really! I felt very flattered and felt like a teen again!

Oh girls... what am I going to do with you both! You girls rock! :)))

Here are some pics of our adventures:

(Mona and Sue having the best of fun together! )

(Mona really loves Sue and Nush, and keeps asking when they are coming again! lol)

Love you girls, and thank you so much for your craziness and friendships!

P.S: And if you are wondering what happened with Joe..... well that is another story in itself... and before talking about it I'll have to ask Joe first ;)

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