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I have heard before people say, we are smarter now then ever before, and the case is, we really arent smarter. We have fancier technology, but mind wise we are same to people in 1000Bc and 0 Ad and 1000 AD. If you take any person from that time as baby and raise him in our world, he or she might look a bit different, but will be as inteligent as us. Some one have recently suggested me a book from 1937 on seduction. We are talking over 70 years ago., the name of the book "Lets Make Marry". A very interesting look into dating in early 20th century. Its more of a funny book, then dating advice, but it shows sociological views in meeting and dating of that period.

What is very interesting, and i dont think we give it much thought at all, how meeting and dating has existed since well, ever. There might be some arranged marriages in places like India, but over all there had to be 2 reasons for marriage and procreation. Survival (aka money, support, provider) and feelings (love, seduction, dating). How it was done, surely was different, but it has existed for ever. There are a lot more of "dance steps" now, since we don't have to work from dusk till dawn and therefore have more leisure time. It is very different then it was even 100 years ago, but everyone is in same boat, so nothing really changed, since while 100 years ago there might have been no online or very few phones, no one else had online or phones, so it was even for everyone. People who were active met more. Similarly now, we have online and phones, but so is everyone else have them.

I've been asked before, who has advantage in dating men or women. I will answer this question as i have answered it before. It is a very dumb question. This is not competition, men want to meet women and women want to meet men, guys have to approach, girl want relationship. It is not a competition, and if you dating someone and feel that it is too much effort, then chances are you shouldn't be dating that person. Same goes for meeting, if you approach a girl and it conversation feels like someone is pulling your teeth, then you should walk away, you will be doing yourself a favor.Sign up for Pick up Future RSS feed.

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