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As of late, I've just undertaken a few addtional guys undermy wing for 1 on 1 training. If you are one of those guys, I deplore you to heed this advice. Tyler Durden from the book just joined up with Tony Robbins,a giant self-help advocate; I want to share something with the rest of you thatI feel is of utmost importance in your game development, and oddly enough, it'snot so much a trick or a tactic, but rather a fundamental principle that you probably have already use in other parts of your life. If you've arleady heard me rant on this I do apologize, but just take it as reinforcement because quite frankly, it IS that important.

Pick up is really cool when you first get into it. You have all these tips, tricks and tactics and the novelty overhwelms you in a good way. Let's really keep things in perspective. While you are striving to become a better pick up artist, in the process, ultimately, you are TRYING TO BECOME A BETTER MAN. Think of it this way, pick up is nothing more than an interview, the 4-5 hours where you interact w/ the girl before you do your thang is the equivalent to an interview in the job world. Just because you've aced the interview doensn't mean you can do your job. We've all done interviews before, we've all lied, exaggerated and bullshitted our way to success, but when it came down to it, we still performed at the job at hand. So the question is, can you really provide that value to the girl or are you just a good bull shit artist?

I'm not sure if any of you are Tony Robbins' fans, if you are, awesome, if you aren't, I highly recommend you to check his stuff out (no,I don't work for him). What he preaches are success principles that would apply to any sort of endeavor. He's helped people ranging anywhere from professionaltennis players to billionaires achieve more success in their field. So if you'reinterested in becoming better at anything, google him.

The real big seller for me in the ABC's model is that it incorporates the "F" phase, as in fun/fake. It really emphasizes the fact that having a healthy lifestyle and TRULY being a cool high value guy is important.While solid game will grant you decent one night stands, if you want a girl to stick around, you can't just be some loser with a cool outfit and a few routines. Why have to go out of your way to DEMONSTRATE HIGHER VALUE, when you can just be high value. When I met Neil Strauss at the airing of the show, he told me something that truly stuck with me.

"A rich man never has to say he's rich"

For all you starting/intermediate PUAs, I want to make it very clear to your that building your passive value in conjunction with your active value is extremely important. I had a wing back in Michigan who I used to bitch to all the time to fix his acne and to create himself a decent avatar, he just looked like a mess. Seriously, for the well being of the human race, while I wanted his game to get better, I couldn't help but feel bad for the eventual girl that would inseminate. Every single night, it was an uphill battle for him, I mean, there's no other way around it, he was piss ugly, and even worse, he did NOTHING to alleviate the problem. Point is this, everybody has problems, it's whether or not you choose to deal with them properly

So where's the first place I can start in building mypassive value? Easiest place:

The Gym:

Start there, if you succeed at that, then by all means, there is a giant laundry list out there of other things you can work on.

Three PUAs that really stand out here in this example:

-David Wygant


-Man Cannon

All three of these guys are in hella good shape, and as a result of that, they don't need to game as hard, Matador, while he does have extremely solid verbal game, he doesn't really need to say much, half his sets,he'll walk up to a girl and just start making out with her, because he has thepassive value to get away with it.

Personally, I can care less about how I get there, just get me to point A to point B in the most efficient way possible.

So let's start there, if you want rockstar results, start by looking rockstar. Get to the gym, fix your diet. I actually sat down with Matador when I first moved to Los Angeles and he actually gave me a template of his workout which I've adapted to my build, It's actually available on the ABC'sforums here if you're interested: HEIGHT: 227px" src="" width=604>

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tyler Durden - Seduce In The Right Venue Long
Dr Peter Davies - Big Picture Of Health
Robert Cialdini - Harnessing The Science Of Persuasion

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