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Rick and Diane were madly in love and couldn't wait to get married. However, there was a slight problem. Rick didn't own a car and Diane's car was getting old with more than 120,000 miles on it. Diane told Rick she'd love to marry him, but needed to first sell her car and buy one with fewer miles on it in anticipation of starting a family.

So Diane put her car up for sale, but no one wanted to buy it. This frustrated Rick, because he was one of those extremely rare men who was actually anxious to get married.

Finally, Rick told Diane that he knew "someone" that could turn back the odometer of her car so that she could sell it. Diane was hesitant at first, but finally agreed.

A few days later, Diane called Rick with the exciting news.

"We can get married now!" she proclaimed.

Rick was ecstatic. "You sold the car?!" he asked.

"There's no need to," she excitedly responded. "Mine only has 50,000 miles on it now!"

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