Man Is Allergic To Wife

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A British man named DARREN YOUNG, 45, is allergic to polyethylene glycol, an ingredient used in many creams and body lotions. And guess what his wife uses?

DARREN YOUNG discovered that he had this allergy after receiving a steroid injection containing the allergen in his foot. Not only did his face swell up, but his heart even stopped and he needed to be resuscitated.

So whenever his wife doesn't want to have sex, she doesn't need to use a "headache" as an excuse, all she needs to do is put on some cream and he will die if he goes near her.

And it's not just creams that might kill him; everything from toothpaste and certain foods to sunscreen could spell the end of him. Besides DARREN YOUNG, there are only 2 other reported cases of this in the world.

Some women might be wishing for this, but it's very rare. And shame on you.

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