Difference Between Love And Lust

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There is a big difference between Love and Lust. Some people may think lust as love as it always happens mistakenly. Love is passionate but Lust is only a desire. It can be very difficult for the inexperienced to distinguish between these two emotions especially in the beginning of the relationship.

LOVE: Love is the cause of the emotional attachment in a relationship. Love is the sincere feeling of affection and devotion that both have for each other. It is a very pure and profound emotion that doesn't go easily. This emotion can take years to build up and can only be felt for someone who is very dear to you.

LUST: Lust can be felt towards any one having a good physique and really nice looks. It is very sensual in its raw nature and can be formed instantly. It gets difficult to control your emotions and intimacy. A relationship based on pure lust can never be a long lasting relationship. It is there till the physical needs are getting fulfilled and can wear off easily with time.

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