Man Set Wife On Fire

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What does a husband do when he becomes really irate with a wife who is overspending? Why, he sets her on fire, of course.

Croatian man, ZDRAVKO CRNECKI, 37, allegedly set his wife on fire because she was really overspending and he couldn't take it anymore. Last week, Crnecki poured gasoline all over his 46-year-old wife and then lit her on fire.

The woman, who was severely injured, told police that her husband came home drunk out of his mind and began berating her and her daughter for spending way too much money while out shopping that day.

Then - and I'm guessing the alcohol may have played a major role here - he doused her with gasoline and threw a match at her.

Luckily, her daughter and a neighbor took her to a nearby hospital immediately after the incident. Although seriously injured, she is expected to recover.

Shockingly enough, Crnecki already has a criminal record, so I'm guessing he likely won't be getting out of jail anytime soon. Hopefully, this doesn't catch on.

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