C Kellogg - Stop Procrastination Now (239.0 Kb)

C Kellogg - Stop Procrastination Now Cover Stop Procrastination NOW!

“The Procrastinator’s Essential Guide to Reclaiming your life by conquering the worst time-stealing attitude”

It is a good thing that you have decided to deal with Procrastination by reading this book. (Of course if you have procrastinated, you won’t be reading this in the first place.) Yes, it is true that procrastination is not easy to deal with. I understand that it is also very tempting to read this book half way and decide to read the rest of the book ‘later’.

Unfortunately, later always turns into now. And as we feel the pinch of ‘now’ we try to come up with another later to make ourselves feel better that we will get things done eventually. This disruptive cycle continues until we run into serious problems involving broken relationships, lost income opportunities, or even death through sickness!

It is indeed, very scary to think about the destructive aspects of what the effects of procrastination can have on one’s self. This book is short and simple, straight to the point and practical. If I had written this book too long, half of my readers will probably procrastinate reading the whole thing

In this book, you will learn about:

· What are the causes of Procrastination

· Changing your mindset towards to fight procrastination

· The tactics to manage your time well

· Developing the action habit!

Time is of the essence so let’s get started!

Buy C Kellogg - Stop Procrastination Now ($5.49)


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