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By Rafi Ghanim Michael

A kiss, it's just wonderful! To mark his lips to yours, warm, soft and sensitive. But have you ever thought about whether you wonder gives sensual kiss that causes men to think: "Whoo!"? Here you get a recipe for erotic kiss, which hits the legs out from under him.

Dampen your lips

It is unpleasant to kiss for someone who has dry lips. So remember to use lip balm! Dampen your lips with your tongue, just before I need to kiss. It also sends a signal to him that you'd like to kisses. When your lips shine, he will have even more desire to kiss you.

Pir him

Let your lips be slightly separated. Move closer to your look him in the eyes or look down on his lips once in a while, it signifies that you'd like to kiss. Tubes easily by his arm or take his hand and see if he puts his arms about you.

Focus on kissed

Put your head slightly tilted to one side and his hands around his neck. Relax and focus on kissed, rather than what others are thinking, I wonder how you look, or what else can fly around in your mind. It is kissed, this is about. Give it all your attention - he can mark!

Lur his kiss-style

Many kissing as they themselves would like to kysses. Try to mark after how he is kissing you. Is he gentle and sensitive or more hard and a little violent kissing And how much heavy use him? Copy his rhythm and technique, so there is some kind of balance in your kiss. If he is kissing a monstrosity, then drag you away and the team suffered a break before taking the initiative to the next kiss and trying to kiss him, as you'd like it.

Varier your kiss

A good kiss switches from gentle kiss the lips almost just touching each other, the more passionate kisses with heavy and small breaks for air. Try to vary the way you kiss on. Try your way and see how he reacts.

Keep cheeky breaks

You can not kiss him on the mouth for hours. A girl got breath - and men too! So keep your small or longer cheeky breaks, where you rather kiss him on the neck, by demanding leg, facial or suck on his reflip easy - but watch out, it goes straight into pants at him.

Tell him how you want kysses

Men are not the same attention and intuition led by women, and they like to get specific instructions on what to do to satisfy you. So if he makes one or another irritant with his tongue, or may like to kiss you more gently, you must tell him! And like in a tone which is somewhat impudently and sexy.

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