How To Plan A Killer Party

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This was taken from the Stylelife Academy newsletter. Great stuff on there sometimes.

Here are some tips to make your party an event to remember.


You need a vibrant, interesting mix of people in order to have a successful party. This often means looking beyond your Fave Five. Certainly, invite your best friends. But mix in people that maybe you don't know quite as well. Try to include one new acquaintance for every two close friends that you invite. Doing so, will expand your social circle and ensure that people at your party don't get bored by seeing the same old people.

Leading up to your event, include women you meet out socializing. When you're preparing for the party, be sure to be in the proper frame of mind and ready to act on any opportunity that arises.


You're well beyond the days of calling a friend and saying, "Wanna hang out, dude?" Instead, you need to properly invite people to your party. Everyone is busy these days, especially on a holiday. So you need to make your party stand out. Make it something they can't bear to miss.

You can make your party stand out by sending invites. These don't have to be stodgy, engraved invitations. You can use an online service such as Evite or even a mass Facebook event message. But don't just expect your pals to spread the word about your event. If you're not going to send invitations in some manner, then you should at least personally call your guests.

Prepare an interesting name for your event, or a tagline. Use this in your invitations and phone calls to guests. You could use "Festival on the Fourth" or even "Fireworks, Fun, and Fajitas!" The point is to make your party sound fun, entertaining, and to differentiate it from everything else going on that day.


Don't leave your guests hungry or thirsty. Prepare in advance so someone isn't having to dash out in the middle of the party to hit the nearby 7-11. According to Martha Stewart, "For cocktail parties, allow for a pound of ice for each guest, as well as three drinksper person for a two hour party." So plan your supplies accordingly.

And don't forget to account for all your guests drinking and eating habits either. Make sure your beverages contain a good mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options such as soda and bottled water. For your food, be sure to include vegetables and non-meat options in case any vegetarians attend.


Food sizzling on an open flame goes hand in hand with celebrating the Fourth of July. So whether the party is at your house or you're gathering friends at a local park, be sure to throw some meat on the barbecue.

Select foods that make sense for your party. Informal gatherings are great for burgers and hot dogs. If you're hosting a more upscale affair, then steak and seafood are probably more appropriate.

The single biggest mistake people make when grilling is overcooking the food. Many professional chefs advise touching the steak to test how done it is.

Rare: Touch your thumb and forefinger together so you form a circle. Press on the fleshy pad under your thumb, next to your palm. It should be soft and a little bouncy. This is how a rare steak feels.

Medium: Touch your thumb and middle finger together and press on the fleshy pad under your thumb. There should be some give and it should feel springy to the touch. This is how a medium steak feels.

Well-Done: Touch your thumb and little finger together. Press on the fleshy pad below your thumb. There should be no give and it's very firm. This is how a well-done steak feels.


The use of fireworks in celebrating the Fourth of July goes all the way back to the very first anniversary after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Founding Father John Adams wrote to this wife that "guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations" should be used throughout the country.

Today, obviously, fireworks are still used in celebrating the holiday. However, laws and legal statutes vary widely. Research your local area and find the perfect spot to watch the public fireworks display with that special someone. The rewards that night will be worth the extra effort.

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