Things Women Wish Their Men Would Do

Things Women Wish Their Men Would Do Cover
If you ask any woman out there, she will always tell you that there are things she wishes her boyfriend would do for her without her having to hint at it or tell him outright.

Unfortunately, men can't be expected to play mind reader, so women are forced to do things like forward them articles and start fights about why he didn't put his cup in the sink when what we actually mean is, why don't you ever surprise me with little gifts for no reason?

That said, here are 6 things that women secretly wish their boyfriends would do without having to tell them to do it.


Why does it have to be an anniversary or birthday? Can't you just think of your girlfriend and how wonderful she is and just get her a rose because she's so damn awesome?


The whole "I dunno, what do you wanna do?" scenario is played out and women want a man who has some direction in life. And when you pick up your girlfriend and know exactly where you're taking her that night, she will be horny for you.


You don't necessarily have to max out your Visa, but going shopping with her and watching her try on clothes would make her feel great. What's in it for you? You get to watch as other hot women try on clothes, too.


It's great that you hang out with the boys and have a good time, but when you drink yourself into oblivion and want to pick a fight with every man who breathes near you just because you feel your estrogen levels rising (yeah, that's what alcohol does), it's a major turn off.

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