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"Found this in some archives, and thought it would be great to get this out to the mainstream once more. I had lunch with Craig from Double Your Dating and he KNOWS what game is all about. Many of the underlying principles of Mystery Method and Double Your Dating originally come from him."

Ever since I was on Elimidate people have been hounding me about my dance floor routines, so being the nice guy that I am I decided to type them up. Here you go guys. Enjoy. The dance floor is a huge part of my closing game and I hope this helps you guys out there.


When I first started going to clubs I used to see so much action going down on the dance floor that I thought that was where it was at. What I didn't realize is that most of the people that were making out on the dance floor had met off of the dance floor. Since I didn't know any better, I put in a ton of effort to learn how to meet girls on the floor, but now I rarely use any of my techniques, since my other methods are more effective.

I've found that even the best dance floor approaches have a maximum 75% success rate. No matter what you do, what you look like, or how good of a dancer you are, you can expect to get rejected 25% of the time or more. Compare this to the success rate of going up to a girl at the bar and making her laugh, and it's a no-brainer. Plus if you get rejected by a girl on the dance floor it lowers your chances of making something happen when you do see her again.

The skills to pull off a dance floor approach will still come into play in certain situations, like loud nightclubs, or a huge party atmosphere. I'm convinced that you can survive off of the dance floor alone on Spring Break Trips or in Las Vegas. This stuff is also great for the guys out there who are meeting girls that are under 21. These approaches are all you need to get the ball rolling with younger women.


The Butt Bump is a very innocent opener and definitely has the highest success rate of the dancing approaches. When you are dancing next to the girl you like, stand side by side and start playfully bumping you butt against hers. Sounds easy, and it is. I've never done this without the girl cracking a HUGE smile and getting into it. They love it! After the third or fourth bump turn to face her...Hopefully she will do the same, and BAM! You're dancing! You can also use the Butt Bump when you're standing next to a girl at the bar to start up a conversation, or to liven things up with a girl you are already dancing with


When I was younger I was very aggressive on the dance floor, and that is how the Asshole Dance Opener came about.

I was really tired of going to clubs and seeing the girls dancing together like lesbians. Most of the time when I would try to squeeze in between the girls would only get closet together and block me. More problems arose when I would try to dance with just one of the girls, because her friend would get jealous and pull her friend away.

My solution is field-tested and has good results if you have the right attitude. Save this technique for a really crowded dance floor. Make your way up to the girls without making any eye contact, and like an asshole motion with your hands for them to spread apart so you can get through. They will back away from each other, roll their eyes and think, "Who does this asshole think he is?" That's when you show them!

As soon as they spread apart, take one step so you're in between them, and start groovin like there's no tomorrow! If you do it right you will soon you will be freaking both girls to the amazement of anyone who's watching! Turn towards the one you want and let the other one grind on your back. It's great to be the man!

A more modest approach is to smile at them and say excuse me, yet still look like you are just passing through. Experiment with both and see what works best for you.

I will never forget the night I discovered this move. I was at a club and the dance floor was packed. After a short dance session I decided to grab another drink at the bar. On my way off the floor I saw these two gorgeous girls dancing together getting super freaky. They had a tight circle of guys around them all TRYING to get a piece of the action, with absolutely no luck. I walked up said, "Excuse me", to the two schmucks closest to me and broke in with Asshole Dance Opener. It was awesome! I had ten chumps cheering me on, wondering how I did it, not to mention two fine girls freaking me from front to back!


Dance floor skills are essential to any man's game, whether you are at a club or at a wedding. If you don't know how to dance I suggest you watch the movie "Save the Last Dance" and watch how the main character dances. Watch how he is always dancing to the beat and always in control, and practice! The time you spend dancing alone in front of your TV set will pay off, trust me!

One thing that has helped my dance floor skills unexpectedly was a beginning swing-dance course in college. I only remember 3 moves but I use them all of the time! I definitely recommend you take a few classes if you are serious about being the man on the dance floor. It will really help your overall dancing skills, and I'm sure there will be one or two hotties in the class with you that you can practice on. No excuses!

Once you have to basic skills down, I highly recommend taking girls to the dance floor as part of your game. It's a great way to amp up the attraction.

One of my favorite moves is to say to a girl, "So, do you know how to dance?" If she says "Yes" I say, "Prove it!...Let's go!" and I take her by the hand and lead her onto the floor.

They say that dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal pleasure, and you will find that there is no better place to turn up the heat then in the middle of the dance floor.

When your getting down it's only natural to make lots of physical contact. Always remember the Double Your Dating 2 steps forward 1 step back principle. Get close for awhile, then back off and dance a few feet away from her. Then get a little closer for a little longer, then pull away again. This REALLY drives the girls nuts.

If things are getting really hot, you can use the Double Your Dating kiss test. Look in her eyes and take one hand and stroke her hair back right above her ear. If she holds eye contact with you, go in slowly and give her a smooth kiss, then pull away. Say, "Yum...You're a good kisser!" and give her some more.

I used to go to a bar that would end every night by playing 2 slow songs. I knew exactly what time they shut down, and my routine was to bring a girl out onto the floor right before I knew they were coming up. That way when the slow song came on we were already out there! It was only natural for us to keep grooving to the slow music, and since I had already turned up the heat by grinding during the last few fast songs, it was very easy to start making out right there. I can't tell you how many women I got at this bar. I recommend finding out which clubs do this and what time they shut down, and incorporating it into your game. It's a proven winner!

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